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Diversify and Protect your Retirement Portfolio via Conservative Real Estate

Transfer of Current or Poor Performing Land & Buildings Tax Free into Real Estate Cash Flow

*1 Pay No Tax - IRS Sections 1031, 1033 or 453 for

Properly Structured Tax Free Gain

when Selling-Transferring Real Estate & Other Property  -  Reduce Income Tax - Increase Income

Replacement and/or New Properties For Conservative Owners

Plan with Recession-Inflation & Deflation Resistant Assets

Energy Rehab-Rework: Proven producing fields for improved production and value-know management

Medical Buildings: New with extended triple net lease. Tax and Inflation Advantages. Conservative

Self-Storage Facilities: Major Master Management, Significant Income-Cash Flow-Appreciation.

Senior Housing: Master Leases. Tax and Inflation Advantages. Conservative.

Timberland:  Experienced Management. Tax and Inflation Advantages. Conservative choice.

Farmland: Experienced Management. Tax and Inflation Advantages. Conservative choice.

See Save Tax Farm/Ranch Sale/Transfer

Hunting-Sport Ground: May be associated with timberland or farmland or separate.

Industrial Buildings: Managed with Long triple net lease. Tax and Inflation Advantages. Conservative

Auto Parts - Pharmacy - Dollar Stores: Managed with Long triple net lease. Tax and Inflation Advantages. Must have Location & Unique Building Advantage. Conservative

Tax Plans:  Ask about Income Property Planning with Tax Credit-Tax Deductions-Cost Segregation

Mineral Rights Real Estate: One absolute price for current producing real estate mineral rights with long term significant monthly cash flows with comprehensive management, maintenance, record keeping, monthly reports and improvements included with monthly income. Monthly payments by companies as Shell, Exxon, Chesapeake and others. Investment are valuated to have potential minimum 20%+ ROI long term annual return to qualify @ $40+ oil.

No Debt              1031 Eligible          IRA Qualified        Contact Us for Availability   

**2 Property Owners-Sellers Save -Add 15%-30% (or more) to Proceeds (& Income) by 3rd Party Exchange of Taxed Property $ to Fully Managed  Income Premium Property via IRS 1031.

More Conservative Cash Flow for Inflation Periods

$100,000 Minimum Real Estate Transactions - Some Exceptions @ $50,000   

Tax Free 1031FEC Transaction or Direct Transaction Consultation

IRS 1031 - 453 - TDCO (Tax Deferred Cash Out)

Asset Exchange Tax Advantage Consultants

for You and Your Financial and Tax Advisors

1031 Exchanges

1033 Exchanges

Estate-Tax Asset Planning Assistance

179 + Bonus

Inflation Cash Flow

Cost Segregation

1031FEC can assist you to save real and personal property gains and recapture tax.

Pay No Tax on Gain

Keep More

Sale Proceeds

Protect Assets

 Lower Risk

Peace of Mind


Transfer Stress

Farm Land

Exchangeable Properties

Ranch Land 

Development Land

Apartment Buildings

Mobile Home Parks

Medical Buildings Industrial Buildings Oil & Gas Real Estate

Timber Land

 Shopping Malls


Recreation & Hunting Land

 Retail and Office Centers

Hospitality Property

Diversify real estate with *Conservative Premium Agriculture, Energy and Medical or Industrial Real Estate Property Supplied by the Highest Integrity National and Regional Real Estate Providers and Management.  Properly structured some income may be tax free. Annual income on investment can start at 5%-8% and can increase with step-up leases and/or inflation. Total Return on Investment (ROI) may be higher.

**2 See 1031 FEC Inventory of Managed, Triple Net Lease or Individual Premium Properties

 for Qualified IRS 1031 or 1045 Property/Business Exchange or Direct Purchase.

"Real estate offers so many tax advantages it is unique in that it can be used to postpone capital gain taxes indefinitely."  www.wellingtonpublications.com  "Real Estate"

Roth Real Estate IRA - Pay No Tax on Gain or Income - Protect Retirement Funds

See Properties to View Featured Premium Income and Other Properties

1031FEC assists real estate investors and sellers to save taxes by exchanging a seller's property for fully managed and leased Premium TIC (Tenants-in-Common) or other *1031 qualified exchange properties.  (*IRS 1031 allows property trades for like-kind properties. The IRS defines like-kind property as real property held for business or investment purposes.) A 1031 exchange can convert taxes into assets with income yields of 6-12% or higher, management free.

No current exchange property? Add real estate income direct to your portfolio for a significant return on investment plus the wealth sustaining inflation of assets. We recommend no debt (zero debt) property.

NEW! 1031FEC client minimum equity investment is generally $50k - $100k. Odd dollar investments and exceptions may be available. Significant 1031 managed investment properties may require up to $2,000,000 to $25,000,000 equity funding. 1045 require $1M minimum gain.          

  • Keep Appreciation and Depreciation 

  • Increase Monthly Income     see Income  

  • Exchange for More Income

  • Close in Days, Not Months


*1 Capital Gains, depreciation recovery, and other taxes may be deferred and possibly avoided by the owner at owner death passing ownership to heirs at the property current new basis.  With proper tax and estate planning, financial position, applicable current tax rules, and professional, experienced tax advisor assistance, one could pay no tax. Inquire to 1031 FEC at toll free telephone number 800.333.0801 for more detail.

**2 Financial Exchange and 1031FEC Consultants recommend that transfer of property be approved by a client's experienced business legal and/or tax advisors.  This web site's "Investment" web page contains a partial survey of current available real estate provider properties.  The properties may be subscribed before noted.  Information is obtained from sources deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Investors should conduct their own independent due diligence and rely only on those results. Generic photos on this web site may not represent specific past, future or current 1031FEC client properties.  1031 Qualified Intermediary fees paid by the Party wishing to Defer Tax (Exchanger).  Please inquire to 1031FEC for current USA property availability, required client qualification and fees at toll free telephone number 800.333.0801.  Thank you.

Need tax credits and deductions while maintaining income?  Gas and Oil Leases with development can solve many tax situations.   For more information please contact 1031FEC.

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