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Pay No Tax - Deferred 

§1031-§1033-§721 deferred when selling or exchanging real estate land, attached property, mineral rights,

certain leases, air rights and water rights by exchange. Tax deferral for all types of assets, properties and businesses.

Pay No Tax - Deductable

Your options when selling-transferring residence, flip-rehab homes, stocks, dividends, antiques, depreciated assets,

excess ordinary income and other qualified capital assets!

Tax Free Programs - Pay No Tax - Excluded by Congress

Certain US businesses and properties qualify for tax free gains and exchanges by Acts of Congress.


Follows current tax code.


Missed your 45 day or 180 day limit for §1031 Exchange? We have an alternate options to defer or eliminate tax.          Inquire Here

New Tax Rules For Alternatives To Deductions For All Types Income

When one becomes owner of a property or business is the time when one should plan for transferring

to new owners by exchange, legally assigning beneficiary or written plan of continuation of ownership.


Stop Inheritance Conflict - Tax Savings - Guaranteed Income


Turn Heavily Taxed Annuities into Tax Deducted Guaranteed Income


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Tax advantage replacing 1031 Exchange without time and $ restraint



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Selling and paying taxes results in less capital to invest to that of exchanging and reinvesting tax free.


Most transactions have proceeds that most will flow to new investments. Your opportunity?



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