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Duties of an Executor and Trustee

Specialty Asset Tax Consultants for Professional Advisors

Professional Advisors:  CPA-Tax Consultants, Trust Officers, Financial Institutions, Appraisers, Attorneys, Business Consultants, Financial Advisors, Estate Planners, Insurance Agents, Business Brokers and Real Estate Agents.  

Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement

1031FEC Client Goals Include:

1) Building Wealth

2) Protecting Assets

3) Creating a Stream of Income

4) Tax efficiency

5) Estate Planning

1031FEC can assist Professional Advisors to preserve, protect and increase Client wealth with IRS 1031 property exchanges that can add 20% or more to net proceeds by tax deferral savings.  With proper estate planning capital gains tax may be delayed indefinitely or muted. Client and Advisor confidentiality and interests are protected. 


  • assists, eases, & expedites the 1031 Property Transfer Process.

  • facilitates the efforts of owners, buyers, and exchangers and their Professional Advisors.

  • assembles owner-buyer-exchanger information.

  • recognizes owner-buyer-exchanger financial and estate planning goals. 

  • presents owner-buyer-exchanger transfer alternatives for current or near future sale.

  • tax planning assistance by performing a Property Cost Segregation Study (PCSS)

  • advises comprehensive alternatives in preparation for the inevitable ownership transfer

  • assists to realize owner-buyer-exchanger maintenance of wealth and estate-financial goals.

  • assists to qualify exchange property.

  • facilitates proper IRS documentation and procedure to avoid penalty.

  • expedites to efficiently move the exchange process and property transfer to its end.

1031FEC promotes financial, estate and legacy planning to business owners for preparation and completion of a business plan (business transfer plan). 1031FEC Consultants realize Professional Advisor Services are an advantage to business owners. 1031FECs goal is to assist maximizing and keeping proceeds and wealth.

When a 1031FEC Professional Advisor Partner recommends 1031FEC to consult with an Advisor’s business owner client, with the business owner’s permission we involve the Advisor.  The Advisor determines services he/she will offer to the client.

There is no fee for an initial consultation with the Advisor or the Advisor’s client. 1031FEC requires no fee or commission share from an Advisor or *Advisor's client for a 1031FEC located TIC.

*1031FEC fees for speculative land bank, agriculture, and recreational income land may be paid by the entity requesting the location service and consultation for agriculture land purchase direct or by 1031 exchange.  Web site link exchange agreements can result in discounted agriculture land 1031FEC locater and consultant fee.

Professional Advisors are recommended by 1031FEC to be an integral of a property owner's success and assist to complete family legacy planning and goals.

Pay No Tax - Properly Structured 1031 Tax Free Gain and Tax-Free Income

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